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Service & Prices


TPS (Taki Pet Sitter) offers various types of pet care service for busy and needing help pet owners to keep your pets happy and tired!

Prices of each service will differ by the size of your pet, behavior level and breed.

Price from ¥3000~ /per day

Day Care Service means having your dog spend the day at my home (TPS) while you are away or busy during daytime/evening/night. 

Price from ¥6000~ /per day

Pet Sitting or House sitting is a service where I will be staying overnight at the pet owners house, while taking full care for your pet. Keeping your beloved pet out of stress/anxiety during the set amount of time while you are away. 

Price from ¥2000/45 mins 

​Daily Walking service is for owner who is unable to walk their pets during the daytime/evening while you are working late, sleeping in, or away travelling. I will personally pick-up your dog at an agreed time to walk him or her daily.

Behavior Training                            Price from ¥3500/per hour

Animal Therapy                               Price from ¥2500/per 20 min

Washing and Brushing                    Price from ¥1800/per wash

For each visit to meet you, and during the pet service I would like to ask the pet owner to reimburse all my travel expenses.

Whether they’re in our wonderful and safe home or the comfort of their own homes, our furry clients get spoiled! We believe in spaying & neutering your pets between 4 & 6 months of age & be current on Rabies, Parvo, & Bordetella vaccines. We want all our four-legged visitors to be able to bond, get along, play, and sleep together as best friends & be healthy & happy!

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