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Happy Pets = Happy Owners

This service is mainly for pet owners having difficulties with their pets.

Are you currently having troubles understanding why your pet is acting/behaving bad, or having any sort of anxiety problems.

Have you ever thought what your pet is thinking or wanting from you, but you cannot communicate with them? 

Here is a chance to try, in this following service I (Taki) will be communicating with your pet, asking them about current condition or what they have been wanting to tell their owners.

Few things that I (Taki) would like to ask the owners:

1. Have you noticed anything unusual or having difficulties cooping?

2. How are they when being at home or going for walk (dog case) ?

3. Do you have any wish for your beloved pet.

I recommend to use this service after fairly amount of time, talking to them isn't the hard part. Wanting to know what they've been thinking or having negative thoughts are difficult to ask. As for some pets, they usually shutdown their thoughts and needs a while to open up. 

Counseling fee ¥8000/per session (1 hour)

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