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Satisfied Customers

I love getting feedback from my clients. As a professional Pet Sitter, I’m proud to have gained the trust of my valued clients. They can be sure to rely on me with taking amazing care of their pets and showering them with the amount of affection they are used to. Read below to see what’s been said about Taki.

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Bear & Le Roy in Los Angeles, USA
Weimaraner: Reagan in Tokyo, Japan
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​(Mixed Breed)


We’re having a great experience with Taki walking our dog. He’s friendly, responsive, and he really cares about the dog’s wellbeing so quickly gained his trust. Taki is also an amazing photographer and we get photos and videos where we can see our dog having fun. We also love the texts he writes to share the walking experience: it shows how caring and loving with animals Taki is. Thank you so much for taking care of our doggo!

Lívia Andrade

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo - JAPAN

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February 2024


Ryo & Star
Ryo and Star (siblings)

Taki was exceptional with our 2 schnauzers as he watched them for the first time for 7 hours. I was pleased to see how he truly cares and engages with them rather than just being a sitter. Our schnauzers bonded with him very fast, which isn't easy. We even received plenty of great pics & videos to keep us updated. I am very satisfied, and look forward to next time. Thank you, Taki, for also walking them, ensuring their safety and helping out last minute. I'm glad I found you.

Lei Lani

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo - JAPAN

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​July 2023


(Italian Greyhound + Blue Lacy Mix)

TARO During his adventure walk

We were grateful to Taki for his help in taking care of our Taro while we were away... Taro is a skittish dog and walking him can be a bit challenging due to his panic attack.
Upon meeting up, we saw that Taro was calm and responding well to Taki.
During his stay at our place, Taki sent regular updates with plenty of pictures and videos. He is easy to communicate with, and follow instructions well.
We were pleasantly surprised that it only took him a short time to make taro opened up and be comfortable around him, and everything went very smooth.
We were able to enjoy our trip knowing that Taro was taken good care of.
Coming home and saw that the house was cleaner than when we left it was really nice and we were grateful for that too.
I will recommend Taki to everyone who needs someone to take care of your pet while you are away!

Kinanthi. A

Setagaya-ku, Denenchofu - JAPAN

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May 2023

(Miniature Schnauzer)

Cosmo during his bro time

Taki is an amazing dog walker! He has been walking my miniature schnauzer for several months, and has been really important in helping my dog, Cosmo, adjust to his new life.


We moved to Tokyo last year, and it was imperative that I find a dog walker who can help take care of a senior dog, and is able to help him socialize well in the area. Cosmo LOVES to meet other dogs, but my Japanese language skills are lacking. Taki listened to my concerns and goals, and has made sure to give my dog the best experience he can with every walk.


Also, as a senior dog, Cosmo has IVDD, which means he has special needs that may vary from day to day. I give Taki an update on those needs, and he is attentive to the possible pain issues, whatever they are that day. He pays close attention to what the dogs want to do, how they are feeling, and how they are walking. He remembers Cosmo’s dog friends in the neighborhood, favorite walking spots, and even will spend a little extra time to make sure Cosmo is comfortable before he leaves.


I am so grateful to Taki, my dog is so happy in his new home and I know it has a lot to do with Taki’s service! And last but not least, Taki is a great photographer. I look forward to the excellent photos and videos taken of Cosmo during every walk! And Taki’s instagram is a treasure trove of amazing photos with walk updates. It’s a great part of the service!

Dana M.

Meguro-ku, Tokyo - JAPAN

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February 2023


(Shiba Inu)

Maruko her second date walk


​Translated: Trustworthy, rest assured. Since I live alone, when i can't take care of her (Maruko) I can now rely on him (Taki). Its my first time using his service, but i am happy i choose him. He understands my dogs needs and captures the moment in his photos & videos, makes me at ease. I highly recommend him. Thank you

石田智美 - Tomomi

Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo - JAPAN

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 February 2023


(Boston Terrier)

Huey during our dog sitting (Overnight plan)

Taki is a trustworthy, caring and diligent pet sitter. After a friend recommended his services, Taki came over and met my dog first to see how they got on and then came to stay for several days when I was away. He updated me constantly with photos and videos of my dog Huey being fed, walked and playtime. Huey needs a lot of attention which he certainly got. When I got home the house was cleaner than when I left and Taki even washed the bed linen and remade the bed without being asked. Huey was calm and seemed very happy. I can't recommend Taki more highly.

Michael Smith

Meguro-ku, Tokyo - JAPAN

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June 2022


(Irish Setter)

Jack Dog Behavior training & intense cardio walk


タキさんと遊んだ後はいつも満足そうに寝ています^ - ^


Translated: Thank you always ♡

After playing with Taki, (JACK) looks satisfied and happily a sleep ^ --^

Thank you for taking a long walks!!

A. Maejima

Minato-ku, Tokyo - JAPAN

​via. Facebook Page (Review)

May 2022



Use for testimonial SNOW

Taki has been wonderful with our dog Snow, she just enjoyed her first homestay with him and we came home to a very happy dog. Snow had many adventures with Taki during our time away and we really appreciated the photos and videos through out the day that made us feel like we were right there with them. He made sure Snow got many good walks in daily and gave her lots of care and affection during times at home. As well he kept Snow well groomed and our house clean and tidy. Snow was comfortable with Taki upon first meeting him, it’s clear he connects with animals in a special way and genuinely enjoys spending time with them.

Taki was very responsive to our initial inquiry and communications, and proved to be professional, reliable, and trustworthy. Highly recommend Taki to those looking for peace of mind that their pet’s best interests are being taken care of at all times. Snow is definitely looking forward to future adventures with Taki to come ! ​

Garcia-Cisek Family

Hiroo, Tokyo - JAPAN

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February 2022


​(Shiba Inu)

Joe a little naughty but playful boy

Taki is very responsive so contacting him was very smooth. He understands our dog’s behavior very well and could adjust to him in no time. Our bigboi seems to like him very much too. One of the best perks is that he reports daily activities in details along with pictures and videos which put you at a peace. Highly recommended.


Kokubunji, Tokyo - JAPAN

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February 2022


​(Japanese Spitz)

Nalu. gentle girl that loves affection

I have been taking Taki-sans counseling sessions online for quite a while now. He is such a natural teacher, that he seamlessly is teaching not only my dog but also to myself at the same time. The skills that I have learned and continue to learn from Taki-san are invaluable. During sessions I feel he has super human eye sight sometimes as he is watching my dogs behavior and my handling at the same time, I don't think he misses a thing. The mood is always upbeat and energetic, I look forward to his session. Praise is given above and beyond. Feedback is timely and positive. If there is a mess up, it is acknowledged and a different approach is presented to avoid the situation going forward. Every time he comes up with different exercise for my dog and before starting he thoroughly explains the exercise and the theory behind it. During and after these interactions he is pointing out key successes and ways to modify the exercise if the dog is uninterested or struggling. Respect is shown to all, he truly is setting people and dogs up to succeed. For that I am very thankful and glad to participate in this very important session. Taki-san you are a dog/person trainer "Rock Star." Thank you for your guidance and sharing your gift.

Aya Collins

Tama, Tokyo - JAPAN

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January 2022



Pepe puppy who recently moved to Tokyo

Would highly recommend Jay (Taki) for anyone who needs their pet looked after in Tokyo. He is fluent in Japanese and English. He really is so caring towards my puppy who is only 13 weeks old. Jay (Taki) is very responsive, organized and reliable. I will continue to count on Jay (Taki) to look after my fur baby!

Chelsea Jones

Miyazaki-dai, Kanagawa - JAPAN

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December 2021


Zeus both eyes blind and have hearing problem. but lovely boy

I cannot say enough about how well Taki takes care of my dog Zeus. Taki has provided excellent in home care for our 4 year old blind and diabetic beagle on multiple occasions for extended periods of time. Whether it is a last minute (procrastinating on my part) appointment or planning ahead, Taki is always there to help out. We would recommend Taki and his service to anyone looking for reliable and trustworthy help with their pets!

James Williams

Narita, Chiba - JAPAN

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November 2021


​(Holland Lop)

Momotaro; he was very shy at first but now one of my favorite brother to visit

I have had many pet sitters over the years in many counties, but no one compares to the kindness and diligence that Taki offers at TPS!

While we were away, Taki sent messages before, during, and after the visit with photos. It was so fun to see how our rabbit Momotaro was interacting with him, and put our worries of leaving our rabbit alone for the first time at ease.

Even from just looking at the TPS Instagram page, you can tell how much Taki cares about his client’s pets and their happiness.

After a very successful first-time experience leaving Momotaro with Taki, I can now look forward to going away from home more often without worry.

Thank you Taki!

Toya Gattas

Roppongi Hills, Tokyo - JAPAN

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​August 2021

Arare & CyaCya

Arare & Cha Cha
​(Toy Poodle)

Arare & Chacha; they both live in Thailand. Counseling through skype

10才のトイプードルのママです。 今年に入って2頭飼いをはじめ、その難しさに悩んでたところ、Taki Pet Sitterさんとご縁を頂きました。 ペットの心のケアをやって頂いたところ、なんと飼い主の私の心のケアにまで至りました! 少し複雑な環境にいたため、ペットに「ごめんね」&「私が守るからね」の言葉を使ってたのですが、それは不要とのこと。 他にもいろいろアドバイスを頂きました。 対談してもらった後、私の心が軽くなって、そしたらペットまでいつもの笑顔になって生き生きしてきました。 セッションを受けて本当に良かったです。 Takiさん、ありがとうございました!!

Translated: I'm a 10-year-old toy poodle’s mom. Starting this year i started to take care of two dogs. and when I was worried about their relationship. I was recommended by a friend to be connect with Taki Pet Sitter. Not only did he helped me with solving my worries, but he also took care of my feelings towards dogs heart!  Since I am in a slightly complicated environment, I used the words "I'm sorry" & "I will protect" for my pet, but that was unnecessary. I also received various other advice. After having a conversation, my heart became lighter, and even my pet smiled and came alive. It was really nice to have the session. Thank you, Taki!!


Bangkok - THAILAND

​via. Google Review

July 2021


​(Mixed Breed)

Pao very playful and energetic boy. loves to meet new people

Taki-san came recommended in a Facebook group and was a fantastic find, after going through two other previous people who tried to help with my somewhat hyperactive puppy, Pao. Pao just turned one-and-a-half and immediately took to Taki-san.

Taki-san is bilingual, and spent a lot of time at our first meeting bonding with Pao, and getting to understand his nature. He is patient, caring, concerned about Pao's well-being, and obviously loves dogs. He is also very strong. After discussing our requirements we took a long walk together, at which time he suggested some useful steps to take to keep Pao (who is good at heart, but extremely responsive to motorbikes) under better control.

So far Taki-san has visited us twice, is coming again next week, and will be doing dog walking for Pao during the Olympics and my fall trip to the U.S. I hope we have a long-term relationship and that we will be able to call on him at other times as well. Both my partner and I felt an immediate sense of trust in Taki-san.

Oh - he's apparently also a cleaning nut. What more can you ask for?

Doug Lerner 

Katsushika, Tokyo - JAPAN

​via. Google Review

June 2021



​(Miniature Dachshund)

Lilli very shy girl towards stranger but went on walk on our first day

Taki has been great with my dog, Lili’i. She never walks with someone new but she went for a walk with him even from day1!!

Taki also followed my very precise request about her walk, her toilet sheet, and her snacks. ( I organize and stick to my own precise way hence it is always hard for me to find someone I can rely on ).

Through all the photos Taki sent me(which was a lot!) , it was clear that even my little picky grumpy dog had a fun walk and she was able to open up herself and felt safe. (I am still very impressed that she went for a walk with someone new on the first day!) He genuinely loves interacting with animals and spent whole 1hr interacting and playing with her.

I also appreciate that his prompt response and close communications. I was able to have first meeting and were able to find help in couple of days.

I highly recommend Taki to anyone who is having hard time to find a dog sitter who you and your dog can trust to take care of your dog and let him/ her a time of the day! He will make your day and your dog’s day!

Ayumi Tomoto

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo - JAPAN

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May 2021


Leeloo has been my regular client for over 4 years now

Taki has been amazing with my dog Leeloo. She loves her daily walks with him and looks forward to seeing him everyday. Taki was very responsive to my initial inquiry and was able to accommodate me despite the short notice. It is clear that he truly loves animals and enjoys spending time with them. I love the daily pictures and videos he sends of them from her walks. They really help to brighten my work day! I highly recommend Taki to anyone who is looking for a reliable, professional, and friendly dog sitter/walker. Leeloo is looking forward to many more future walks with him!

Patricia Goon

Minato-ku, Tokyo - JAPAN

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April 2021 ~ Regular (Weekdays)

​(Pug Mix)

Gus was one of the very well behaved buddy, moved back to the US on 2022

Great service! Handled our last minute request like a pro and our dog was well walked. Constantly updated with photos and we can relax on vacation!


Nicolas Staller

Meguro-ku, Tokyo - JAPAN

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March 2021 ~ September 2021

Mona & Tesla

Mona & Tesla
​(Russian Blue)

Mona & Tesla another adorable siblings, care for each other

My family and I went out of town for two nights. We decided to ask Taki from Taki's Pet Sitter to stay with our two 5 month old kittens. They are two extremely shy kittens. Taki was patient and understanding. While we were gone he would frequently send us updated and managed to get the kittens to interact with him. We came back to two healthy kittens and a clean house. Will use Taki again.


Bernardo Pontes

Meguro-ku, Tokyo - JAPAN

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February 2021 ~ Present



(American Curl)

RAM shy at first but after an hour together he was ready to play

Taki was a really good surprise. He is a very easy going person. Super responsive and reliable. He really cares about his work. I was so glad to find him. He and my cat became best friends pretty quickly. I recommend Taki for anyone for sure. Whenever I need it, I’ll definitely call Taki. He kept me updated everyday sending pictures and videos. It was a very good experience. Thanks so much for taking so good care of Rams, Taki. All the best.


Raphael Barreto

Shinkuku, Tokyo - JAPAN

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January 2021 ~ Present



Nalu shy girl that only shows affection towards trusted people

He absolutely nailed it! Our fur baby was fed by hand (both dry food and milk), walked frequently, and otherwise shown tons of love and care. He also sent endless adorable pictures to keep us up to date and even cleaned the house! Needless to say, we’re impressed.


Roman Nasuti

Chigasaki, Kanagawa - JAPAN

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​December 2020


​(Golden Retriever)

Toshi playful boy, this was when he was a puppy
Toshi 1 year old

Taki is an one of a kind dog sitter. He took incredible care of our puppy when we left for a few days vacation. We were all very apprehensive as it was the very first time for us. Taki kept us appraised every single day, sending many pictures and videos as well as providing us with much needed advice. Taki is a very calm and composed person. Our puppy seemed in awe of him 😊

P. Thomaz

Roppongi Hills, Tokyo - JAPAN

via. Facebook Page (Review)

​November 2020 ~ Present


​(Miniature Schnauzer)

Gaspard passed away on august 2023. RIP Buddy

Taki was a god-saver, taking care of my dog at home, where he was most comfortable and less stressed for a sudden long trip outside the city. Taki sent us regular updates and photos of our dog and left the house very clean. We were not keen on putting our dog in a pet 'hotel' that just put dogs in cages and let them out twice a day. Our dog was so relaxed when we got home, it seemed he had been on holiday rather than us.

Olivier Fabre 

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo - JAPAN

​(R.I.P February 15, 2023)

​via. Google Review

​October 2020 ~ Present


​(Shiba x Beagle Mix)

Hobbes boy with separation anxiety, 8 months treatment and showed improvement.

Our dog Hobbes has separation anxiety so we can't leave him alone -- Taki responded to our last minute request and when I got home, our dog was relaxed and happy. Taki is an excellent and professional pet sitter.

Kyra Bowman

Meguro-ku, Tokyo - JAPAN

​via. Google Review

​October 2020 ~ Present


​(Maine Coon)

Drizzle big boy, a main coon approximately the size of medium dog

Taki-san was recommended by a friend and I totally understand why; he provides a great service and goes the extra mile for you. My cat loves him, Taki-san takes such good care of him and gives him tonnes of attention, I think my cat was a little disappointed that I came home!

Bekky B

Ota-ku, Tokyo - JAPAN

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​July ~ August 2020


​(Norwich Terrier)

Ohana was a rescued so had numerous anxiety problems at first but that was already 4 years ago



(Translated by Google) Our child is scared towards stranger but falls in love with Taki's gentle personality. Thank you for your continued support.

Nao Inoue

Chuo-ku, Tokyo - JAPAN

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​July 2020 ~ Present (Weekly)

Kofi & Ban

Kofi & Ban

​(Burmese Cats)

Ban and Coffee siblings that loves each other and will go everywhere together

Taki looked after our two cats while we were away for four nights. He did an incredible job, and we could enjoy our holiday knowing they were in good hands. Before we left, he did a thorough orientation to get to know the cats and house. While we were away, his communication was excellent, and he sent adorable updates. He even checked in to make sure we were happy on our return. We'll definitely be using Taki's service again and would recommend him to anyone who wants the security and comfort of knowing their pets are with a professional.

Beatrix Holland

​Jiyugaoka, Meguro - JAPAN

​via. Google Review

​December 2019 ~ Present



​(Persian Cat)

Xena one of the eldest family of Takipetsitter and has been in our family tree for over 4 years

We hired Taki to watch our Persian cat, Xena, for a little over a week. She has a special food requirement, which he was able to take care of no problem. He sent us photos and updates on her bowel movements, how she was eating, and how active she was, every day. It was a wonderful peace of mind to know there was someone there for her to bond with, and watching her warm up to him through the photos day after day was really awesome. He was very communicative, answered all questions, and responded quickly, even though we were in a different time zone for the duration. I would definitely recommend Taki for any of your petsitting needs, and we will certainly be using his services again.

As a side note: Taki also did some amazing cleaning on our apartment while he was here, which was such an awesome thing to see. I definitely came home feeling relaxed and happy, and I could tell my cat was doing very well, also.

Thanks so much, Taki! You're a lifesaver!

Melissa Goodnight

Kachidoki, Tokyo - JAPAN

​via. Google Review

​September 2019



Bebe sadly passed away on 2022. best siblings to her brother Reagan the Weimaraner







Motoazabu, Tokyo - JAPAN

​via. Google Review

​(R.I.P. October 29, 2020)

July 2019 ~ October 2020


(Miniature Dachshund)

Momo playful but gets tired pretty easily. loves to play and meet other dogs

私はモモと二人暮らしなので、仕事の後に予定をなかなか入れられなかったりしていたのですが、タキさんに頼んでみて大変助かりました。 タキさんはお散歩もたくさんしてくれるし、こちらの要望を細かく確認してくれ、いつも私がモモにしているように接してくれました。 家に帰るとモモも満足げな様子だったのでとても安心しました。更に家の中も片付いていて、本当に満足できるサービスでした。最初は「どうしても用事がある時だけ頼もう」と思っていましたが、本当に素敵なサービスでしたので、モモが運動不足の時や、


​亜矢子さん (Ayako)

Toshima, Tokyo - JAPAN

​via. Google Review

​May 2019

Luffy & Poesiemau

​(European Shorthair)

Luffy & Poesiemau
Taki Pet Sitter in Tajiri, Chiba (2 cats)

Taki took care of our 2 cats for a few days when we were away. Everything was taken care of very thoroughly and professional. We both felt at ease knowing he was taking care of them. 

One of our cats also needs to take special medication, which makes taking care of them not so straight forward, but nonetheless Taki did it without problem, as he also stayed with them for several hours, to make sure they are not lonely. 

Taki also made sure that when we came home, the house was not a mess.

All in all, we are definitely very satisfied.


Tajiri, Chiba - JAPAN

​via. Google Review

​April 2019

May & Sarah

​(Teacup Toy Poodle)

May & Sarah
Taki Pet Sitter in Namba, Osaka for two adorable dogs




Namba, Osaka- JAPAN

​via. Google Review

​January 2019


(Mixed Breed)

Taki Pet Sitter in Daikanyama, Tokyo. one mixed breed dog

"Taki was so helpful and friendly about his stay at our condo with Erza. She was much more comfortable at home with him because she suffers a bit from separation anxiety and Taki was very understanding in that. He messaged and updated us often about what how they were doing. 


He is so respectful and let us know about any concerns he was having and took very good care of our place while we was with Erza. We would love to have you sit with Erza again, Taki! We came home to a happy, tired dog and a beautifully clean apartment. 


I would recommend Taki and his services to anyone that may be unsure about pet sitting in Tokyo, as he seems to be comfortable and confident with all animals. He is flexible and communicates well, which is so important when it comes to our pets!


Thank you again! "


Samantha and Nick

Daikanyama, Tokyo- Japan

​via. Google Review

Since 2018 ~ January 2019




I've now used Taki several times as a pet-sitter, house-sitter and dog walker for my much loved Weimaraner "Reagan" here in Tokyo.

Taki is honest, dependable, hard working, has attention for the details and MY DOG LOVES HIM.  Such a great combination of skills.  

He shows up on time, is careful about explaining his services, prices, and when you put your pets in his hands- you can relax.

During his services, Taki takes such great care of the pets he's charged with:  he takes them for a long walks, feeds them on schedule and he always provides a report and post on social media.  It's really an amazing service that allows me to relax on my trips. Really priceless.

Taki goes above and beyond by giving the house a light cleaning... so that when you return, things are in good shape. 

When I come home, my house is CLEAN, my dog is happy, and my nerves are relaxed from being away from my dog.  

I cannot recommend Taki's services highly enough.


John Crum

Motoazabu, Tokyo- Japan

​via. Google Review

Since 2018 ~ Present

Taki Pet Sitter in Motoazabu, Tokyo for Weimaraner
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