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Queen Reagan and her daddy John

I recently used Taki’s Pet Sitting and Dog Walking services. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a diligent, flexible, hardworking and honest person who has a deep affection for the animals in his care.


Prior to my business trip, Taki and I agreed to connect outside of my house so that he could meet me and my 31kg weimaraner named “Reagan”.  In setting up our meeting, he was flexible and totally transparent in terms of prices, services offered, etc. Once we met, I could tell he would be great with my dog- and because of her size- this is a particular concern of mine.


On the day of my trip- which lasted multiple nights- Taki again was on-time and came ready to work.  I gave him the keys to my house- and the leash for my beloved dog- and left in total confidence that things would go as Taki promised.


During my trip, Taki sent regular updates with photos, etc.  He asked questions when he wasn’t sure of something, and I could tell my dog was in really good hands: she seemed happy and tired- a GREAT COMBINATION.


I came home to happy dog… and a clean house!  Taki had gone above and beyond my expectations (which are generally high in any case).


Again- I highly and totally recommend Taki as someone who will take good care of your beloved pets and will also do everything he promises.  


Do not hesitate to contact me via Line or email if you’d like more information on this recommendation.


John Crum

Motoazabu, Tokyo- Japan

May & November 2018 



(Miniature Dachshund)

Picture of Momo during her high intensity running








​亜矢子さん (Ayako)

Toshima, Tokyo - JAPAN

​December 2018 & January 2019


(Miniature Schnauzer)


Taki did day care for my dog Yuu and his best friend   Reagan, I found that I never see they were that happy when I picked Yuu up. And I had  a chance to walk dog together with Taki. He always pay soooo much tention on dogs and listen to their whisper. I'm sure Yuu got better care than myself while he stay with Taki.



Motoazabu, Tokyo - JAPAN

​ November 2018

Yuu-chan very playful schnauzer that loves playing with bigger dog then himself


(Toy Puddle)

RAM friendly girl that loves human interacting, but dislikes other dogs

In such a short notice, Taki accepted to take care of my dearest dog, Rum. I felt comfortable leaving my dog with him, as he had great connections between dogs and knew how to take care of dogs.


During my trip out of town, Taki would send me updated pictures of my puppy (during the animal therapy session, bathing time, sleeping time, walking, etc). It was nice seeing my puppy with an extraordinary smile on his cute face. Overall, Taki provided a full and satisfactory experience for both myself and my puppy. 


Thank you, Taki!

Manami Saito

Kachidoki, Tokyo- Japan

August 2018


(Pekinese & Japanese Chin Mix)


I highly recommend Taki Pet Sitter! My puppy received the care and attention he needed, and my house was very well kept! In fact, it seemed cleaner when I returned, than the day I left for our trip.  Taki  is very friendly, trustworthy and dependable. You will not be disappointed!


Arigatou (Thank you), Taki!


Sammu, Chiba- Japan

June 2018

Pekinese & Japanese Chin Mix: Momo


(Mixed Breed)

Mixed Breed Rescued from Shelter: Erza

"Taki was so helpful and friendly about his stay at our condo with Erza. She was much more comfortable at home with him because she suffers a bit from separation anxiety and Taki was very understanding in that. He messaged and updated us often about what how they were doing. 


He is so respectful and let us know about any concerns he was having and took very good care of our place while we was with Erza. We would love to have you sit with Erza again, Taki! We came home to a happy, tired dog and a beautifully clean apartment. 


I would recommend Taki and his services to anyone that may be unsure about pet sitting in Tokyo, as he seems to be comfortable and confident with all animals. He is flexible and communicates well, which is so important when it comes to our pets!


Thank you again! "


Samantha and Nick

Daikanyama, Tokyo- Japan

March 2018

I recently took a weeklong vacation to Seoul for Christmas and returned on new years eve, quite possibly the busiest time in the year for foreigners in japan. Mr. Takizawa was among the very few that were available for such short notice and quoted me a very reasonable rate. Mr. Takizawa’s service for both of my cats was beyond expectations. Not only did he perform the tasks of basic care for my cats, kept in contact with me during the duration of our vacation with updated photos but also surprised me when I came home to an immaculate apartment. As a gesture of his good will he cleaned my entire apartment at no extra cost! His service put both me and my wife as ease knowing we had someone trustworthy and having experience with animal care, I would without a doubt recommend him to care for my beloved cats in the future.


Elliot Wright

Koenji, Tokyo- Japan

December 2017

Puddington & Yamachan

(American Shorthair)

Puddington & Yamachan
2 American Shorthair Cats: Puddington & Yamachan


Takipetsitter's very first fur family, RIP long time ago on 2019

Taki looked after our pet bunny Monty while we visited the USA for a couple of weeks. 
I was very happy leaving Monty with him, as he seems to really care about and love animals.
I also felt secure trusting him with our house, and leaving him keys.
This was the first time we’d used a pet-sitter instead of taking Monty to a friend, but I felt it was much better than taking Monty out of his usual environment.
I would ask Taki to sit for us again, and I would recommend him to anyone. He would be great looking after any animals, big or small, and your house will be well looked after too.


Jacob Royce

Tokyo- Japan

September 2017

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