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Doggy Day Care

Why I offer my Doggy Day Care Service

  1. During the period of roughly 3 to 17 weeks of age is known as the critical socialization and are a very vital part for puppies learning, development and wellbeing (Not only for Puppies some breed needs more attention).

  2. Providing many different opportunities for mental stimulation: new sights, sounds, smell, making new friends, and games to play during my service. To keep their minds active and is a crucial element for overall health.

  3. My service may help to prevent and manage separation anxiety, as they will have lots of physical and mental activity while being with me.

  • After 20:00pm hourly rate (+¥2000

  • play time 

  • Picture Updates 

  • ​Minor cleaning of the house 

Price will be the same to all fur families. equal to all size and behavior of your beloved fur family.

2 hours day care plan = ¥12000

Extended hours after will be +¥4000

Travel Expenses will not be included in this service fee, so i ask all to clients to reimburse my travel expenses.

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