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Los Angeles, USA

Le Roy

(Chihuahua & Mix Breed)

Le Roy
Chihuahua & Mix Breed: Le Roy (Photo by Taki).

I would like to give my glowing recommendation and praise to Taki Pet Sitter. I completely trust him with the care of my fur baby, Le Roy. Taki was not only honest, reliable, flexible, and available at short notice or emergency situations, he also showed enormous love and compassion for my pet. Often taking the time to sit and love him after a long walk around the neighborhood. My dog loves Taki, they got excited at the mention of his name.

His rates are very reasonable for the services he renders. I loved coming home to find Le Roy tired and satisfied. I have complete trust in him being in my home and having access to my house key. Taki always did exactly what was asked and showed interest and knowledge in my pet, alerting me to potential medical or behavioral problems. My dogs needed the comfort of their own home and became very stressed in any kennel situation. Taki relieved this stress on me by providing exceptional service at an affordable rate. His never-ending love and concern for my dog will never be forgotten. 

Kaj Akira Louis-Johnson

Los Angeles, California - USA

October 2018

I am SO happy to have found Taki! He was fantastic in every way... Taki really put me at ease with his knowledge and care. She always looked like she was having fun and that was such a great relief for me while I was out of the country. 

Not only he took care of my adorable Bear, but he also cleaned the house spotless. I would definitely use his service again.

Edward Gibson

Los Angeles, California - USA

September 2018

Staffordshire Bull Terrier: Bear (photo by Taki)


(Staffordshire Bull Terrier)

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