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Schnoodle: Leeloo

Dog Walk

Daily Dog Walking
¥6000/ 1st hour
​Extended ¥5000/hour

​Daily Walking service is for owner who is unable to walk their pets during daytime/evening while you are working late, sleeping in, away traveling, or incase of emergency. I will personally pick-up your dog at an agreed time to walk him or her daily.

Shiba Inu Mix Beagle: Hobbes

3 Dog-walking course (plans)

Date walk or Bro Time (puppy / smaller dog / rehabilitation) 🐾 2000 ~ 3000 steps (Usually 45 minutes ~ 1 hour)

Getting used to leash / harness, improvements in leading as a pack leader. Constant watch-over of your pet while walking making sure his/her surrounding is safe environment for the walk. And most importantly to make them realize walks are fun!​​

Adventure Course (Making new friends and finding new place) 🐾🐾 5000 ~ 6000 steps (Popular)  (Start from 1 hour ~ 2 hours)

​A great way to stimulate dogs brain, going to unknown location getting to know other dogs besides your usual walk. Using their brains more frequent will keep them from feeling worn out and will definitely exhaust them. Choose this if you want your dog to be tired and happy!  

Triathlon Course (Running, chasing and hunting mode) 🐾🐾🐾 8000 ~ 10000 steps  (3 hours or more, very active)

​This is for dogs who has extra energy and is keeping you (the parents) up all night. This course includes multiple stimulations to the brain and as well as in physical movements. Dogs instinct for hunting is natural, but since living in the city it can be dangerous (surrounding).

Therefore I came up with a plan of which your dogs can enjoy the hunting mode or chase around birds in the area, although before the actual bite towards     the birds i will restrain them. As i care about the living creatures outdoor and off course not taking the risk of getting infection or any other symptoms from it.

Why you may be needing assistance

  • ​You can take care of food and clean up toilet, but due to leg injury etc, you are unable to walk your dog...

  • ​You are wishing for your dogs health and need a extra walk a day, but you're busy during daytime/evening...

  • ​Thinking of having your dog go on diet; but hate the idea of running or due to health problem you are unable (Can adjust the speed to your dog and could run up to 3 km). 

Things I keep in mind when Dog Walking

  • Surrounding (traffic, other animals, cars, children)

  • ​Leads are on during walk (Keeping the leash close to my body)

  • Giving your dog enough time

  • Reminding him/her how good they did during the walk

  • ​Lastly to enjoy the hour or two spending together

First 1 hour walk charge is ¥6000 -> extra hour is = +¥5000

Extra Dog Charge: +¥4000/per dog

I kindly ask to reimburse for my travel expense when my service is needed.

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